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Keywords: University Project | Brand Management | Graphic Design | Logo | 2016 |
A fictional brand was created as result of a university course. The intent was to create a brand without determining the actual product or services that are linked to the brand. This brand became "byrd", a company that provides reliable personalised products and services that have a long term positive effect. "We aim to provide products that the customer can identify with. Whenever possible a product is personalised to fit the wishes and needs of the customer. byrd is also environmentally conscious. Our mind is set on the future. By minimising the negative impact our products have on the environment and society we create a better future for the next generations." The brand can be described as the "The Regular Guy/Everyman" brand archetype based on the work of Carl Jung. The brand is down to earth and approachable. The brand strategy focuses mainly on customers(age 25-40) that are higher educated, open, friendly and standing conscious in life. The brand name and logo are simple but strong, thus matching the core brand values. This results in a highly recognisable brand element. Colors used by the brand are a combination of white, blue and green. These colors stand for clarity, trust and empathy.
byrd Logo
The byrd Logo
byrd bag mockup
byrd tag mockup
Additional branding material