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Whisky Gift Package
Keywords: University Project | Packaging | Graphic Design | Material Specifications | Product Design | 3D Modeling | 2016 |
A fictional gift package for the brand "The Glenlivet" was created. This design is the outcome of a university project on packaging. Both the graphical aspect as well as the technical aspects were taken into account. The whisky gift package is created as a whisky tasting gift for people to become familiar with the "The Glenlivet" brand. Included in the package are four different 8 centiliter bottles of whisky, two tasting glasses and a package of crackers to cleanse the pallet. Packaging material for all components was determined based on a shelf life of at least one year. This includes both printable layers and barrier layers, for example the cracker packaging is composed of nine layers. Additionally, a plastic tray to keep all components in place was designed. The graphic design of the packaging was designed to fit the current line of "The Glenlivet" products. The packaging contains all necessary information as required by European and Dutch laws. A model of the package and its components was created in Solidworks. This project was solely created for educational purposes and is not actual related to "The Glenlivet" brand.
Gift Package Design
Solidworks render of the "The Glenlivet" gift package
Tray Design
Gift Package Design
Solidworks render of the tray (left) & the closed gift package (right)
Technical Drawing Packaging
Graphical Layout Packaging
Technical drawing (left) & graphical layout (right) of the gift packaging