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Sunflower Season
Keywords: Client Project | Album Design | Graphic Design | Cover Design | 2015 |
Cover design for the EP "Sunflower Season" from American singer-songwriter Ben Vanden Boorgaard. Ben vanden Boogaard draws musical inspiration from artists like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Jack Johnson. The Sunflower Season EP deals with heartbreak and the realisation that nothing lasts forever. But instead of seeing this only as a negative situation the songs tell that the good memories will still be remembered. The album cover combines the gloomy mood with a comforting feeling. The gloomy mood is presented through the usage of a simple design containing mostly dark colors and a minimal title that is placed over the sunflower image. The comforting aspect can be found in the usage of the handmade patchwork in the design. Additionally, various promotional material was created for promoting the album through social media like Facebook. This included banners and images to share in posts.
Sunflower Season album cover
Album cover Sunflower Season
Sunflower Season promotional banner
Promotional facebook banner