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Multisensory Design
Keywords: University Project | Product Design | Concept Design | Multisensory Design | Scientific Research | Interaction Design | 2017 |
A conceptual device was created as part of a university course. The project required to create a product that made use of multiple senses and includes savoring strategies that increase positive feelings and thoughts of the user. This small handheld device helps people sharing everyday stories and experiences by helping them to remind these events. The user adds people to one of the buttons through a Bluetooth connection. This can be done using a mobile phone or laptop. The device has three buttons to which (groups of) friends, family or colleagues can be add. The device can be put on a keychain, backpack or in a pocket. When the user experiences an event that he or she wants to share later with a person the button that is linked to the person can be pressed. When the button is pressed the device starts to buzz a pattern and the button will light up. If one of the persons connected to the button are close by the device will give a reminder to the user through the same buzz pattern and the blinking of the button. This way the user will be reminded that he or she wanted to share a story with this person. After having shared the story the reminder can be reset by holding the button for a few seconds. When the reminder is reset after having shared the story a light will be added to the bar next to the button. This bar will show the user how often he or she shares a story with the persons in the button group. The light will disappear after some time. An empty bar will be an insensitive to the user to share more with the persons in the group. The device helps the user to remember positive experiences, pay more attention to surroundings and become more connected with friends.
Back view product
Front view product
Back (left) & front (right) side of the device