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Modular Art Wall
Keywords: University Project | Client Project | Product Design | Concept Creation | 3D Modeling | 2016 |
A modular art wall was created on commission of art foundation HeArtpool as part of my bachelor assignment. During the project guidance was give by the University of Twente. The end result is an concept idea that is visualised in a possible product design. However, due to the limited time the concept idea and the research prior to this was leading, the visualization was mainly added to present the outcome to different parties. Further research on the actual design was advised. A free standing modular system was created to solve the lack of wall space in a new art gallery founded by HeArtpool. This system consists of different components that fit together. Due to its modular nature new components can be added to the sytem and old components can be replaced. Art can be displayed on the front and back side of the system with the use of magnets. These magnets contain different attachments making it possible to display a large range of artworks. Due to the ability to reposition magnets on the surface, installing new artworks is quick and easy. The use of magnets prevents damage to the system that normally occurs when using more traditional hanging methods like nails. The system can also be used for art exhibits or promotional events at other locations. By using different modular components the product can adapt to various environments. This can, for example, include the usage of different attachments in order to light the artworks better in a outside setting.
Mockup Modular Art Wall
Impression of the modular wall
Early Concept drawing Modular Art Wall
Render Modular Art Wall
Early idea drawing (left) & Solidworks render (right)