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Graphic Language
Keywords: University Project | Product Design | Graphic Language | Graphic Design | Brand Management | 3D Modeling | 2017 |
A hand blender was designed for the brand "Nespresso" as part of a university course. The design is based on a study on brand image and brand identity. Requirements of the project were to analyse a brand and create a hand blender using the outcome of this analysis. The hand blender was designed based on brand elements present in Nespresso products that were introduced between 2007 and 2017. This includes explicit and implicit design elements that are present in the product in the form of material usage, shape and workings. Various models like kapferer, design format analysis and brand translation prism were used during the process. Three core elements were defined, Robust, Simple and High quality. The three core elements were used as guideline during the design phase. The project resulted in a Solidwork model and 1:1 physical model. This project was solely created for educational purposes and is not actual related to "Nespresso" brand.
Render front view hand blender
Render side view hand blender
Front (left) & side (right) view of the hand blender
Render 3D view hand blender
Clay render 3D view hand blender
Solidwork render with material (left) & without material (right)