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A fictional company, EVIsaga, was created for an university course on business models. EVIsaga is a gaming platform that uses an additional payment system compared to current platforms like Steam and Origin. The requirement for the course was to create a business plan that could convince investors to invest in the startup. "Evisaga provides games on demand for gamers. By making the user pay for the time he spends in-game instead of per game, we address a bigger target group than conventional platforms and thus lower the barrier for people to try and play new games." The user pays a set price per time played, after having invested slightly more the original store price the game becomes free to play. This pay-per-usage system is fairer than having to buy the complete game instantly. Pay-per-usage allows gamers to only pay for the amount they actually play the game. This makes months that have a lot of new released games less of a financial burden and allow gamers to play the same game as their friends. The platform will begin with providing indie games from small game developers. EVIsaga will help the developers with promotion and community feedback during alpha's and beta's. After the initial phase, larger game developers will be attracted and additional tools will become available, including an in-house game development team that support small game developers and insights in global statistics per game genre. The pay-per-usage system will allow gamers to try games that they might not have tried for the full price. This system helps game developers to target a larger group. Additionally, in order to reduce the risk for game developers their costs will be covered before EVIsaga will earn any money from the game. EVIsaga will present itself as a open, friendly and fair gaming platform that helps and listens to both gamers and game developers. For the business plan various models were used to make sure all aspects were covered. Along with the creation of the brand image a logo and first impression of a possible application layout were designed. Additionally, initial investments and break-even scenarios were calculated
EVIsaga logo
The EVIsaga Logo
EVIsaga Application
Impression of a possible layout for the EVIsaga application
EVIsaga Application Alternative Design
EVIsaga Application Alternative Design
Additional customisable layout colors
EVIsaga Kapferer Model
Kapferer model for EVIsaga