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Keywords: University Project | Product Design | Concept Design | Interaction Design | Scientific Research | 2017 |
The Ani-nature helps creating a good working environment for students. By providing a source of inspiration, a subtle noise indication and optimal lighting the product aims to increase the workflow, productivity and contentment of the students. The design of the product and its functions are derived from findings in research papers. The goal of the project was to incorporate soft fascination and nature elements in a product that inproves the learning environment at the university The design brings nature inside in an abstract way. The design consists of multiple layered screens that together form a wall. On the screens an animation can be seen that shows abstract forms floating around, evoking soft fascination. Due to the product being designed for the Technohal at the University of Twente, a location primary used for health related studies, the animations are inspired by cells and microorganisms. Linking the interest of the target group to the animation might increase the level of connectedness between the students and the product. By making the shapes abstract representations of natural elements the animation can be differently interpreted by the observer and thus can be used as a source of inspiration. Additionally, the shape, movement and color of the animation can influence the mood of the users. Different animations, and therefore different feelings, can be presented on the screens. By choosing a certain animation, the student can change the invoked mood of his or her learning environment. The animation shown on the screen responds to the surrounding of the product. More people in the room will result in more moving shapes on the screen, however the shapes will move with a slower speed. This will reduce the visual impact in an already busy room and thus retaining the soft fascination. Additionally, the sound level of the room influences the proximity of the moving shapes. The more noise the greater the distance between the shapes. High levels of noise will push shapes out of the screen, giving the students in the room an indication of how loud they are. By providing the students with a stimulus, seeing more moving shapes, the product aims to reduce the overall sound levels and thus create a better working place for the students. Using tactile input, the product can provide students with a sense of control. The students can manipulate the path of the shape by touching the shape. This will provide to students that are close to the screen an option to influence the viewing experience by change the visuals and thus creating a new setting for inspiration.
Ani-nature Design
Impression of the Ani-nature
Ani-nature Animation Blue
Ani-nature Animation Red
Simplified cartoonish impression of two different animations